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    I figured it was time to post a report of our oct.trip. Came out the 14 thru the 17, It was cool,damp and rainy!! It rained enough that my son and I really didin't feel comfortable wading in some of the larger rivers. Tried fishing the area above elkmont and the river was, in my rookie opinion, raging!! Weran across a couple of guys, one was a local guide, and he said his luck was "just a couple". That made us feel a little better. Long story short, high water, lots of rain, no fish caught. Oh well, there is always next trip! Thank to the guys at LRO, they set us up with what we needed,no hard sell whatsoever! plus free coffee early in the morning! We will definately be back!! Thanks guysfor all the info posted here, we appreciate it!!

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    I was at Cataloochee that week and same results,but I managed to land 2,a small brown and my first "speck" I was happy.
    I always remember the old saying,"a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work".
    And,there's always that next trip! Good Lord willin' and the creeks don't rise...

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