I decided to go scouting for some places to fish for reds in the short grass since it has gotten so much cooler. I really didn't expect to see anything, but was suprised but what ended up as a really good day. I went to one spot, and there was too much water already. Tried another and there was not enough. Finally went to a third place and there was some water about 500 yards or so out.

By the time I got out there I thought I saw a tail. I spent about 10 minutes chasing wakes around, when I saw a fish tailing behind me. I cast out and sure enough the fish took the fly. What I thought was a relatively small fish turned out to be a 23.5 inch red with alot of fight in him.

I caught him on my shrimp pattern. Here is another picture of him.

After this fish the water was getting pretty high (mid thigh) and I was having trouble spoting the fish. I moved towards some movement I saw and made a cast and the fish took it soft and I missed it. When I moved to position myself to make another cast I spooked 2 or 3. Spent another 20 minutes chasing fish that were in water that was almost 3 feet deep. You would only catch a glimpse of one, then have to guess where he went. I finally saw one and started the chase. I put it in front of him three times and he didn't see it. I finally decided to put it right in front of his nose.....it ended up right on top of his nose and he was gone.

By this time I was experiencing shrinkage the water was so high, so I started working my way back towards the car. I saw a few more, spooked two, and then chased one for about 200 yards before he disappeared.

I started back to the car. I got about 80 yards from the car and caught some movement out of the corner of my eye....about 2 inches of tail came out of the water. I got within casting range, and the fish disappeared. I saw some movement and tried another cast, and missed again! I waited and watched and saw the swirl where a fish was tailing about 20 yards or so away and made another cast. This time the fish hammered it and the fight was on.

This one was 24 inches, and put up a great fight. Of course he was in 2.5-3 foot deep water the whole time. I finally got him in though.

I caught that last one 15 yards from the highway. Needless to say I will be going back tomorrow...hopefully the wind will lay down for me and I can get a little more action.