Thought I would share that the specs are doing just fine up on Sams creek. All the work over the years by the park service and the many volunteers to improve the fishery has paid off.
I hiked up to the confluence of
Sams and Starkey creek yesterday morning. It takes roughly 2 hours to get here from the trailhead. The trail above the 3rd stream crossing can be hard to follow at times with all the overgrown veg. This is the confluence of the 2 streams. Sams on the left with Starkey pouring in on the right

I stopped and rigged up my little UL 2wt with an olive stimi back down the trail at the old backcountry campsite. Its a good idea to have a walking/wading stick up here. It sure comes in handy.

The water levels are perfect this year and the specs are gorgeous.
lots of fish in all size ranges. I love the marbled backs and blue haloss.

to be continued....