Just thought I would share a few photos from my backpacking/fishing trip to campsite #58 on Deep Creek. The first thing I must say about this trip was the weather was perfect! it was the best backcountry trip I have ever had. The water level in the river was perfect! and the water was clear, with very few leaves.

I have still yet to catch any park specks but I did manage to catch a Rainbow and a brown. I had several hard strikes that I missed but all in all a perfect trip with great weather! I guess I'm not doing to bad for a someone who has only been fly fishing for 3 months. Many thanks to Daniel at LRO for putting up with my 100's of questions and advice.

Below are a few pictures I thought I would share. The deer in the picture wandered right into our campsite on Sunday morning and just hung around while we packed up camp. The Rainbow was caught on a #14 rubberlegged stimulator and the brown took an October Caddis