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    Default abrahm's creek

    looking to go to abrahm's creek tomorrow. anyone fished it lately? if so, how is it?

    does anyone fish that creek?

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    Just talked to a customer who went hiking there today with his family. He said that the water was up in the trees along the trail.

    Abrams can be great fishing, but it is always tricky wading. There aren't too many areas along it where you can fish from the bank. I would wait for lower water before you try it.

    If you are going to Cades Cove anyway, you might try to fish Forge Creek which is a tributary of Abrams, it is accessed along Forge Creek Road (on the way to Parson's Branch Road). Another spot to try....and only if you were headed to Cades Cove anyway, would be Anthony Creek at the Cades Cove Picnic area.

    Water will still be too high to fish tomorrow....but if you REALLY have to go...DON'T get in the water.


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    I second Daniel on his thoughts. I have fished Abrams and it can be dangerous and hard wading in normal conditions. With the water as it is right now there is no way that I would even think about trying it. I would suggest trying another creek this time and come back to abrams at a better date.
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    From what I have seen on this board the water is way too high to take on Abrahms right now...Daniel's suggestions are right on point. I was in the mountains the end of Sept after a 4" rain blew out most of the streams....I did fish Anthony's Creek in the Cove's picnic area with some success but even the water there was more than I had ever seen. The big water under these conditions can be dangerous. If you are just in the Park you might also consider Jakes Creek where it comes through Elkmont Campground or the upper parts of Walkers Camp Prong

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    thanks for the advise. i ended up not going. but i will check out those other creeks you guys recommended.

    i just joined the board and it's really informative. my father in law and i are huge trout fishermen and we're always trying to find a new place to fish. i live in graysville ga, but i'm about 2 miles from the tn/chattanooga border, so we do most fishing in tennessee and some in NC.

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