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Thread: What are your 2 favorite smoky mountain flies.

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    Default TroutDude Dubbing

    Actually Charlie, our husky has started shedding again. I think she's a bit mixed up. Normally she starts to shed her winter coat in Feb/Mar, but I guess the warm weather has tricked her somehow, and we have fur balls and dust bunnies all over the house...

    btw, how yellow is your cat's fur? If you think of it, save me a puff of it and I'll see if I can dub it into something...I know a certain Swedish gentleman who has used cat fur before....It might be worth a shot...

    Silvercreek, I have to admit that I'm glad I didn't have a drink of Kool-aid in my mouth when I read your would have gone everywhere...that was funny (I never made the comparison before). Just to set the record straight, its a blend of dubbing that I recvd from a former member on the forum (TroutDude). It closely resembles Dave Whitlock's SLF Golden I don't think it comes from any least I hope not...

    Sorry for hijacking the thread...

    "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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    How are you doing? did you ever get to a certain river in NC? I haven't heard from you in a while but rest assured I will use yellow dubbing wherever you can source it LOL. My gray cat clyde produces great dubbing for blue dun, adams or any grayish tinted wet fly. I don't think it will be too good for dries though. Too much water retention.

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    EHC in black or orange ,size 14-18 and Tellicos 12-16 BH and non BH both flies of which I tye for myself.

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    Default humpies and thunderheads

    color on the humpies not that important. size depends on what the fish want that day and the nature of the water I'm fishing. I do like pink wings on the thunderheads ... fish don't care and I can see them easier.

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    my favorite flies are a #16 yellow thunderhead and #18 bhpt

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    Default My favourite fly pattern

    My favourite Smoky Mountains fly pattern is a #16 gray Wulff.

    My second favourite Smoky Mountains fly pattern is the other #16 gray Wulff that I have in my fly box.

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    Default Adams and a Yellow Palmer

    I'm partial to an Adams and a Yellow Palmer, with the size being dependent on the particular stream conditions, time of year, etc.

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    #14 or #16 Walter Babb Mountain Candy
    #16 Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph

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