Reason 1: In the 70's there was a movie that came out called Middle Aged Crazies with Bruce Dern. Bruce's character was the grown son of a Texas millionaire with a huge business empire. His dad was not only the king of this empire but also the king of his family. When the dad dies, Bruce is thrust into the role of reluctant king. After feeling the crushing weight of all this and with everyone coming to him for all the answers, he declares, "I don't want to be the Daddy any more!" All that to say, when you're out fly fishing, regardless of what you temporarily left behind, there are no life-altering decisions to be made, no emails to answer, no bills to be paid, nothing but you and the stream. For a short while, you don't have to be the Daddy (or Mommy). It is, for me, the ultimate escape, if only for a while.

Reason 2: There are a bunch of great people who fly fish. Whether it's good old boys and girls, city folk or country folk, swamp stompers or Yankees, once you put a rod in their hands, they are (for the most part) all brought to a common ground. They are (again, for the most part), great people to be around. And it's a pleasure and an honor to be counted amongst them.