JoeFred--I like the idea and will be keenly interested in seeing where it goes. As for the issue of revealing streams, I used to agonize about that on a fairly regular basis. Even today, I won't highlight a fine stream which can't stand a lot of pressure when writing for a national magazine. However, I've gradually come to the conclusion that they don't belong to me, although I guess you could make a staunch argument that the process of discovery does belong to me (or to others who go to the trouble to do the research, bushwhacking, and exploration to find such special places). That being duly recognized, most of these small, remote streams will always be protected by two considerations--first, the fact that they are back of beyond and require considerable effort and time to reach and second, only a small segment of the angling population is drawn to small streams because they are typically quite difficult to fish.

In other words, I see no problems whatsoever with listing them.

Jim Casada