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    I went high looking for fishable water today - might be my only chance to fish in November and needed an entry in the OFPM thread. Decided to jump into West Prong of the Little Pigeon at the nature exhibit sign just to try it out - expectations were low because the water was pretty high. Water temp was 48.5, a little on the cool side.

    Within 5 minutes I had my first fish and in the first hour, I had 4, each one larger than the one before. I ended up with 12 for the day, all caught on a single Orange Palmer. I took a break a couple of times from the dry to fish a highly recommended nymph. Had two copies and lost the first after about 10-15 minutes to a submerged branch and the second to a rock on the bottom. Each time went back to the same OP and just kept catching.

    Many of the familiar pools were almost non-existent because the white water extended in many cases to the end of the pool. But there were enough pockets to make for a really great day of fishing. Several times I had to bushwack and climb boulders to get around spots where you just couldn't get through the water.

    If you're feeling brave, I would highly recommend hitting WPLP - every day now it ought to get more fishable and they're really hitting the dries. I posted my first four fish on the OFPM thread but here's another nice one I picked up towards the end (10 of 12). In answer to the thread on my favorite two Smokies flies, today one of those would have to have been the Orange Palmer.
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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing. That is such a great size to catch. You got to love those fish and their colors are always nice and bright. Man I am envious of all you guys getting to be up there fishing while I am stuck here in Bama wishing.
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