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    Default Which Vise?

    OK brief history. Last year I took the Beginner's Fly Tying Class at LRO. After the class I decided that $2/fly seems pretty resonable and didn't pursue tying. I have been fishing a lot of midges as a dropper lately and decided surely I could tie these things. I borrowed a friends vise and last Thursday evening tied up a dozen size 22 zebra midges. I only had about and hour to fish Friday but caught 3 fish in the first 15 minutes on one of my zebra midges and it was still holding together. I Think I may give this tying thing another try.
    I know that tying isn't really a way to save money and I know that I should probably experiment with several different vises.
    But I am just curious which vise you prefer and why. I want to get a decent vise, but I don't want to break the bank, so I am looking in the $200 dollar range.
    My front runner is probably the HMH Spartan - simple elegance
    close 2nd Renzetti Traveler - good price, full rotary, nice hook range
    also consider
    Peak Rotary
    Dyna-King Trekker

    So, if you have any experience with any of these vices and would like to offer your thoughts I would love to hear them. At this point it appears that I will mostly tie small stuff 18-24 (and could buy optional micro-jaw for the HMH). Next in my progression of tying might actually be to skip to the larger stuff like streamers. For now, I will probably keep buying the middle sized dries and nymphs. Thanks for the input.


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    I got the Renzetti Traveler for Christmas last year and have no complaints. Please note that I have only been tying since then and have had limited exposure to other vices.

    I think that I enjoy tying just as much as I do fishing.

    jasonkelkins at yahoo dot com

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    I just happen to have both those vises, along with a couple of others, but my Renzzetti is the older model with the knob type jaw tightening system. Both are great. they are the only ones I use. The Renzetti gives you a true rotary function which is nice, but not essential. I have had them for years. No problems with either.

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    Default Another vote for Renzetti

    I really like my Renzetti Traveler. I have tied down to #24 with no hook slippage problems. While the rotary feature isn't a requirement for the flies you are talking about tying, its nice to have if you keep tying...

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    I've had a Peak rotary for a couple years, tied hundreds of flies on it and the thing hasn't let me down yet.

    I rarely use the rotary feature. I honestly should use it more but by the time I remeber it's a rotary vise, I"ve already tied a few flies.

    I do like the peak vise tough.

    It's a pedstal model and the only thing I would change would be the rod should be about 3" longer but other than that, it's a great vise for the stuff I tie.


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    I also have both the Spartan and the Traveler, and like Silvercreek my Traveler is the screw-knob model. I personally prefer the Renzetti, great vise.

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    Renzetti travler is the way to go. Inexpensive yet great quality.
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