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Thread: Cataloochee elk shot

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    One of the links had someone saying they will use this as an example to try to bar guns from the park when it starts in Feb. 2010.
    As a gun collector and handgun permit holder,I hate everytime some idiot or nut job goes on a rampage and kills people or in this case a protected animal,it makes all gunowners look bad,not just hunters and sportsmen.

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    I don't doubt that Rebelsoul. Fact is, guns were already banned when this took place, so their argument makes no sense. Not that a lack of sense ever stopped the anti gun lobby.

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    I agree with you Rebelsoul, and silvercreek, they just need any old excuse to start trying to take away guns again.

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    I am with John H. on this one. My dad and I are also big on hunting and fishing. Like he said, this is definitely the kind of stuff that gives hunters and gun owners bad names. Dumb people like the guy who shot that bull make us seem like we are bad people when it is really only criminals like himself. I think that guy deserves a lot of jail time and his gun confiscated so that he can think about the bad thing he did.

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