Well,my input on this will be shallow since I'm a newbie,but,I have a TFO Finesse and it's a good rod...for me,and one thing I've noticed already is something that was mentioned before,there's a good bit of filler in the cork handle,and it is coming out only after a few trips of fishing.Now,I have an old Wright & McGill fiberglass that I've used for about 45 years and it's had a good bit of abuse,the cork is as tight and full as ever.Small point but one that matters to me.
I've just bought a St. Croix Avid,and in the future would like to buy other USA made rods,like ones that have been mentioned here.At the end of the day,I will have only caught a few small trout with whatever rod I had,but dang it,I would rather do it with a rod that an American citizen made.
I guess I'm just one of that generation that hates to see "Made in China" on everything I pick up,not the mention the "Made in Vietnam" tag on something I saw the other day.