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Thread: Advanced Tying Class with Walter Babb

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    Default Advanced Tying Class with Walter Babb

    I saw in the fishing report this morning that Walter Babb was in teaching a small advanced tying class. I want to encourage anyone who gets a chance to take a class from Walter. I watched Walter last year at Troutfest and was very impressed. Walter may be as good as anyone i have every seen tie, and I've seen a bunch. Not only that, his friendly demeanor and willingness and ability to explain every little detail was amazing. I wanted to watch a couple others tie during the time he was tying but I became so entranced in watching and listening to him I never moved. BTW, does anyone remember what kind of dubbing he was using on his Smoky Mt Candy pattern?
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    Flyman I have been to Walters house where he carried me through his rod building shop then his fly tying shop. Upon leaving I had bought a new bamboo rod from him and now have it in my arsenal. He has the best demeanor of anyone you will ever meet. I to encourage anyone that can to take from this man and if you ever get to wanting a boo rod go by his shop and see his many different tapers and rods. This man is an artist in several levels of life.
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