I searched for similar threads, but couldn't find one. So I apologize if this has already been discussed in length........

My wife is looking for things that she can get for me for Christmas. Well there isn't much that I really need, but a GPS system (ex.Garmin, Tom Tom) for my truck could come in handy. There has been more times than I like to admit that when looking for that new fishing spot I've gotten turned around and wasn't sure if I was where I thought I should be. Ha ha you noticed that I never said "lost".

So anyway, I'm asking you guys if you you have one that you would recommend for fly fishing. I'm not looking for anything fancy. Just something that helps me get around when I'm in places I'm not familiar and help me find streams/rivers.

Have you found one that has the names of the roads in GSMNP?

Have you found one that does a pretty good job labeling to streams and rivers accurately?

Or please let me know if you have one that does a very poor job and I should avoid.

Thanks guys!!