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Thread: My Smokies season in Pictures

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    Default My Smokies season in Pictures

    First Brookie of the Spring on Indian Creek Just above the Campsite not 200 yds of 441

    First Brookie on top, #16 lime stone, 3rd weekend in March, Cosbycreek

    Second Trip of the year Memorial Day weekend heading out on Walker Camp Prong

    Camera went wading shortly after but a good trip nonetheless

    Last Trip in July absolutely awesome fishing. Numerous streams; from Cosby to the 'Luftee. Even got in a Bear sighting, he was nosing around a campsite and realized we caught him up to no good.

    My Favorite brookie in 37 years of fishing. That Orange went clear up his back.

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    Default Continued

    First Brown in the Park, Not hooked, his wee little teeth were stuck in th poly yarn post of my para adam

    Second brown, same hole as the little guy, both took a #16 yella Para Adams.

    Up on Road Prong

    And the last hour of fishing at Greenbrier
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    Beautiful fish, thanks for sharing. Should make for some great memories.

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    That spec from Road Prong you got is a nice fish! I go up there all the time and have yet to catch a nice brookie like that! And up in Cosby there are some surprisingly big specs hiding out up there!

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