I never thought I would like tying flies, but I was wrong. Tying is very relaxing for me, and it is very satisfying to catch a fish on a fly that I tied. I just last week got to be able to put dubbing on thread without making an awful mess, scrapping that fly, and going back to a pheasant tail or something easier for me. I watched videos and read about how to dub the thread, but it just wouldn't work, but then, all of a suden, it was a piece of cake from one fly to the next. Here is a pic of a decnet bow I got on Raven Fork on a #12 gold ribbed olive hare's ear I tied a couple days ago. I caught two fish this size yesterday on this fly. Too bad I fished four hours throwing every other nymph I have with no success, and tried this at the end of the day.

Not the best pic of me, but you know the old saying............."you can't make chicken soup out of chicken ****"