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By disaster I meant loosing the opportunity to fish. A rod, or rods, in a sock on the side of a pack are pretty frail. If you took a fall, set the pack down on it's side, would be great opportunity to break a rod.

Seems like carrying a backup rod would be more of a hassle to pack than the few ounces an aluminum rod tube would cost you.

To each his own. I never really worry about weight unless I am going for three nights or longer.
Actually, I'd carry the backup rod either way. I'm more concerned about slipping in the stream and breaking my rod than I am in falling on the trail in. Most of the trails in the Smokies are easy travel with little liklihood of falling. I'm careful in setting my pack down. If I do break both rods, I'm certain I could catch fish with a stick and a short section of fly-line.