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Thread: Son's first backcountry trip

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    Campsite 50 is a perfect choice it's under 2 miles a very easy hike and plenty of good fishing up from that site on Bradley Fork. Cabin Flats campsite 49 isn't that bad of a hike like 6.3 I think with slight elevation. if you get a brown book "The Hiking Trails of the Smokies it will show you all the the distances and elevations of all trails in the park.

    I have been on backpack trips with kids as young as 9 and they will surprise you, they can hike at a pretty good clip good luck on your trip that is one of my favorite areas of the park. The trail is very easy to find and follow it's an old road bed so it's wide campsite 50 is .1 mile when you turn right at Chasteen Creek start looking for the bear cables the site comes up quick. it has 3 areas and fire pits one area is a large grassy open field. Remember to treat all water in the backcountry with either a filter or drops or boil for 1 minute.
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