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Thread: idea for 2010 troutfest

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    Default idea for 2010 troutfest

    just an idea but what about a blind folded wooly bugger tie/ competition winner could be chosen by best looking bugger. could have it during a down time on one of the two days of troutfest just an idea?

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    Hi Sam,

    I hope you are doing well. That is a cool idea. I'll bring it up at the January Steering Committee Meeting. We'll see what everyone thinks and how it could be worked into the Special Events. Chad McFall is in charge of those.


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    We did this at a corporate meeting one year and it was a hoot!

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    I am doing well i hope your are doing well also. I just started school again and got back from the warm florida coast line. If littleriveroutfitters is having someone tying flies like weekend i will be there. please let me know about this idea it just seems fun, then again troutfest might not be the right place to have it but just a thought.

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