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Thread: The "Road to Nowhere" is Back in the News

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    !sdrawkcab ton era elpoep niatnuom sU

    Ha! One side of my family is from southeastern KY. The other side is from wester KY so I guess I'm kinda evened out.

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    Speck Lover; the banjo comment, my first choice was about the people in NC who practice home dentistry, I just figured the banjo was much more loved in that part of the country than their teeth.
    I've practiced a little "home dentistry" over the years. I'll tell you what, if you EVER have any teeth that need to come out, PLEASE let me know. I'd be more than happy to take them out for you free of charge. It sounds like you have several that need to come out QUICKLY. Merry Christmas.

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    Good grief. "I acted like a jerk and started a bunch of crap", my solution: insult them even more.

    nice...I've recevied warnings for much less. MODERATOR! lol

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    AKSim--Sir, I am deeply disappointed in your response. I thought your original post was either offered in jest or, more likely, that I had misinterpreted it. That's why I asked for a clarification and suggested I probably had misunderstood. Alas, such is clearly not the case, because your response, far from being a clarification, is mean and demeaning.

    Yes, I did mention my education, something I seldom do because my degrees have little to do with my background as an angler. Yet in this case I brought up college degrees, as did one or two others, simply because you suggested we were backward. I make no apology for the degrees I hold and I suspect most anyone who finished college feels the same. A degree does serve as one bellwether of intellectual achievement.

    Beyond that, you are flat-out wrong in a number of ways. The road does indeed terminate at the end of a tunnel. The 1943 Argeement wasn't a mere political promise as you seem to assume. As the word agreement rightly suggests, it was a written contract. The monetary settlement is a way of settling a contractual agreement without wreaking environmental havoc by building a road. Such mistakes on your part can, however, be excused and explained as coming from a lack of in-depth knowledge on the issue (which you admit).

    What I find totally unacceptable and shameful are your other comments, and unfortunately they confirm my original taking of umbrage even as I had hoped it was misinterpretation. Surely it is wrong and flat-out nasty to speak of a "Swain County Moron Society," derisively refer to N. C. mountain folks practicing home dentistry and liking their banjos more than their teeth, throw out a gratuitous comment about a forum member being involved in weekly Saturday night cross burnings, etc. Those sort of personal and pejorative comments have no place on this forum or anywhere else.

    Finally, you seem to suggest that the original post was inappropriate because it has nothing to do with fishing (you say "let's get back to talking about fishing"). Quite the opposite is the case. The threat that this road would be finished has long posed a huge danger to the well-being of some of the finest and most treasured of all Park streams.

    I've had all I will have to say on this matter, but I don't take at all kindly to anyone suggesting that the folks where I grew up are backward or morons. I suspect others will be similarly disappointed in the tenor and tone of your comments.

    Jim Casada

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    Merry Christmas everybody. What are ya'll getting? I'm getting a home dentistry kit, a gallon of moonshine, and a banjo.
    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
    Salvador Dali

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    I already have the Moonshine and a Mandolin instead of a Banjo.
    I have a huge dislike of denistry , home or otherwise and therefore
    will not participate in that. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

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    Just a friendly reminder...think of the tone of your comments, and how they could be read by others, before you post them. This applies to everyone and is not directed at anyone in particular.

    For those of you who have attempted to keep this humorous, thanks. Everyone else? Step away from the's the holidays.

    Merry Christmas to you all.


    Thread closed until the first of the year.

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