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I caught an eel in Turnbull Creek,at first I thought it was a snake but it wasn't.My grandfather was with me and said he knew they were in there but hadn't seen one in a long time.
Come to think of it I have never looked up anything on freshwater eels...might be interesting.

*edited to add*...after taking a few minutes to search for eels,I don't think that's what it was,it's been so long ago would anyone know what it could have been.I'm thinking "eel" was just a country name for it,after all,some of the oldtimers around here called blue tail lizards "scorpions".
from my very limited experience, could've been a siren or maybe even an amphiuma, a very eel-like salamander often called a conger eel. both siren and amphiumas have small, very small legs and at a quick glance, strongly resemble eels. not sure if either occupies that creek but worth looking into at least..