Saw a post from you back in Nov where you were in Birmingham and cast a BIIx 7wt. I believe that our fingerprints are all over that same rod! The guys put the hard sell on me...but I cannot get beyond the sticker price. Want it! Can't afford it!
Santa was good to me this year, but I wasn't good enough to rate the 7 bills required to lay in the BIIx.
How do you think the TFO Ticr would stack up against it, as a REASONABLE alternative?
I'm thinking that Winston's FAST is probably slower than the TicrX so that's why I'm thinking Ticr...also I'm actually looking at a 5 or 6 wt.
As you know that place in B'ham don't stock TFO so a side by side is impossible.
What say you sir?

Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks ALL!