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Thread: Best Winter Flies

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    Question Best Winter Flies

    What would be the best flies for me to use besides prince, pheasant tail, and hare's ear to get me through the winter?

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    Midge patterns...and any stonefly patterns...
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    I usually like to have some small #18-20 para BWO and para adams dries. Fishing some of those long flat sunlight pools in the park during the winter can be fun.

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    THE BEST WINTER FLIES- the ones tied in front of a very warm fire during those winter evenings. The flies that will fill out the empty sections of a fly box that bring visions and promise of the pools to be fished in the spring. (Too much ice fishing during my youth in Michigan!!)

    That said, I might be the idiot tossing a stonefly nymph between the "Y" and Metcalf's this weekend in the rain and snow with frozen toes.(:>)

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    Default Jim Teeny Fly Pattern

    In winter when nothing seems to move a fish I like to show them something very different.

    A Teeny Nymph in black, brown, ginger, or antique gold on a down and across swing.

    The second pattern I would use would be the Teeny Egg-Sucking Leech in black with an orange egg. I used this pattern after a long day on a PA stream when nothing moved a fish. Second drift... Fish ON! It remained like that till I left the stream.

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