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Thread: Hello, new to this flyfishing thing

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    Default Hello, new to this flyfishing thing

    Been coming to the GSNP for over 30 years, with spincasting and spoons on several trips. After many years of fishing, am trying to pickup the art of flyfishing. Wow is there a lot to learn (and buy). This forum has been great to read, get my feet wet and get some great tips. Recieved Jim Casada book under the Christmas tree and planning out the next trip to the Smokies and this time with the flyrod in tow. Hope to be able to the time trip to take in an introduction to casting at LTO.

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    ukfb1--Welcome to the wonderful world of fly fishing, and nowhere is it more mystifying and gratifying than in the Smokies. You already have some familiarity with the streams, I hope my book will help a bit, and rest assured there's advice and insight aplenty to be found on this forum.
    Jim Casada

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    I, too, spent about 30 years spin fishing in the Smokies before I ever picked up a fly rod. Don't know that I'll ever pick up the spinning rod again. Hooked once, lost forever to the sport. Welcome to the board - great place to get all those newbie questions answered. I've learned a bunch from these guys in the last 2 1/2 years.
    Charlie B

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