Thanks all. My mom and I met with the Hospice nurse today and we completed the paperwork for her to go into hospice care. They will ensure she is comfortable and with out unnecessary pain.

I'm incredibly sad this is happening but I am thankful that she is under the care of people who are professionals in this area of medicine. I was very impressed with the hospice nurse. She seemed to be a woman of great compassion. If everyone in the hospice organization is like her, the Lord has ensured my grandmother's last days will be spent with people who care about her dignity and will mange her pain so that she will not suffer.

For the past 4 years, my grandmother has been in a nursing home. The nurses and staff have treated her wonderfully. The hospice people are going to allow my grandmother to stay in her room at the nursing home as they have people who work closely with the home. She will be able to pass from this life into the next in her own room.

While I am saddened by these events, I am also thankful for the care she's being given.

I am also thankful for all of your prayers and kindness.