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Thread: Lick Creek Simpson Cnty Kentucky

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    Default Lick Creek Simpson Cnty Kentucky

    I live in Bowling Green and have recently been fishing Trammel Fork in Allen County. After a little research I found another trout stream nearby that is in Simpson County. This stream is Lick creek. I read that this creek is listed as a carryover stream which really surprised me. I thought Trammel was the only carryover stream near Bowling Green. If anyone has ever fished Lick creek or has any more information that they would be willing to share such as access points, fishing success,etc... that would be great. I am really interested to find out if anyone on the board has ever fished this stream. Don't get me wrong Trammel is nice, but having another fishable stream as a nearby option would be fantastic.

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    I have fished lick creek a fair bit, not nearly as much as Trammel but enough to help you out. Last winter it fished really well. It is a seasonal catch and release stream from oct. 1 till mar. 31. Up until this year it got a stocking in oct. with the rest of the SCR streams but this year it got switched to carry-over SCR and didn't get the oct. stocking. I haven't gotten the chance to fish it this winter any and i just moved up to lexington on Sat. so I more than likely won't get too.

    Its a smaller stream than trammel. Shallower and alot more canopy and tighter quarters. Its mainly all roll casting. Its best fished with a shorter rod 7 1/2 to 8 ft. But not impossible with a 9 ft by any means, just means you'll be fishing for squirrels a little bit more . As far as bugs, it has alot more insects than trammel in my opinion. Last winter i would logs absolutely covered in tiny black stones. Black copper johns #16-18 worked well. Then when me and a buddy fished it last of april or first of may there were yellow sulphurs and tan caddis flying around in pretty good numbers. My windshield was covered in tan caddis when we got back to the truck. After turning over some rocks i found what looked to me like yellow sally nymphs crawling around, but I never saw any flying around, but it was a little early for them to be hatching. Its a fun little stream to fish, but it can be kinda technical.

    As far as access, you only have one option. Take I65 south to exit 6. Thats Hwy 100. Turn right off the exit and go about mile till you get to 585 on your right. (If you cross a bridge (thats Drakes Creek) you've gone too far. 585 is just before that) You'll come to a stop sign as soon as you turn off of 100. Turn right again follow that road for about 4-5 miles. At about mile 2 or 3 you'll cross over I65 and Lick Creek will be another mile or 2. You'll cross a small bridge and there is a small pull off on the other side, on the right side of the road. I usually don't start fishing till a good piece down stream. When you get out of your car and look across the road and across the big corn field you'll see a noticable sharp right bend in the tree line. Thats usually where i start and fish down from there. Or i just keep walking and get a good piece down cause i like to fish in an up stream approach. and then fish all the way back to the car. Dont pass up the riffle area to your immediate right at the parking area. It usually holds a couple of trout. A small BH bugger cast downstream and then feed line into it and then stop it and swing it across stream, it kills em. Feed it right next to the bank on both sides then swing it across and strip it back. Start short, work one side, then the other and then start lengthing how much line you feed into it.

    It would be my guess that with as much rain as we have had recently that most of the fish are downstream from the bridge. Don't go expecting big numbers obviously, a 1,2,0r 3 fish day is a good day down there right now, and you can be proud of that. I haven't fished it since april-may so i would also guess that its a totally different stream from all the high water. Im very curious to see how it is fishing this winter, let me know how you do if you go. Either post a report or shoot me an email, you can email me if you have any more questions as well. Good Luck.

    Brad Redmon
    "All the romance of trout fishing exists in the mind of the angler and is in no way shared by the fish" -Harold F. Blaisdell

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    Thanks for the update on Lick Creek. I've been looking for other streams in S. Kentucky since the Cumberland has been blown out by the dam releases. We went down to the Cumberland last wednesday, and Wolfe Creek was releasing 21k. On New Years Day, it was down to 12 or 14K. Still blown out. Then it turned cold, and didn't make it to Trammel Creek. Come on Spring!

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    Default 2 for 1

    Its been a number of years but a co worker and I fished Lick Creek and walked way down from the bridge. When we got back a church was holding a meeting and doing some baptizing. Since our truck was blocked we sat down and helped out with the amens where prompted. Once the congregation had increased by a few folks the congregation packed up and left. We felt bad walking into their service but figured that since we stayed out of the way they didn't mind too much.

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    Default Has anyone tried over by Ft. Campbell?

    I know they've got a stream or two that way but don't know about any holdovers.

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