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Thread: October Trip Reports

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    Default October Trip Reports

    A couple of trip reports I posted on the gosmokies site the other day:

    Trip to cs 18 and fishing on the WPLR:

    Overnight at cs 24 and fishing Meigs Post Prong, Rough Creek and LR:

    - Adam

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    CS 24 is my favorite spot to pack in and fish....used to set up camp there in the early fall and fish for 3-4 days...grew up knowing the area above there as Three Forks....I think somewhere up the left fork there is a vertical waterfall above which is a lovely glen and nothing but brook trout....used to fish this area a lot when you were allowed to drive up to the old turn around where the FC fork comes in...quite a haul to get up there and back in a day now...thanks for the photos and stirring up some old memories.

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