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    Default Question Tyers/Photographers.

    When you guys finish a fly and want to take photos of it, what do you use for a background, where it looks like it does in a magazine? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I use a pale blue or pale green, and sometimea an off-white background. When you're doing micro photography, its extremely important to use plenty of light, and I mean a lot. I use a pebble surface mat board of the appropiate color set at a small angle to avoid hot spots, shadows, etc. Light sources also hav a "color" also. Incandescent light will give a yellow color, so be careful using that. You will have to experiment to see what works for you.

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    just get some colored craft paper, prop it up behind your fly w/ something, and take a pic. hobby lobby sells a large variety of different colored, heavyweight papers that work perfect.

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    Thanks for the ideas folks. Gonna try the craft paper and see what I can come up with.

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    I use the back of the folder my last re-enlistment certificate came in, good green color; not so good for green, chartreuse, or olive bodied flies.

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    Agree with the colored poster board, just keep the background a distance behind the fly so it is not in focus (nice blurred background).

    I just started experimenting with a new technique I found in some of the macro photography forums. If you are using a macro lens with a SLR digital camera, you can put the camera on a tripod with a f stop of at least 16 (more depth of field) and take a series of photos from front to back or visa versa with a focus point moving up the length of the fly (5-6 points seem the work fine) then use a program that stacks the images as overlays with a result of having the entire fly and hackle in focus. The program is a free down load called "Combine ZM" I will try to post a link if interested.

    Lighting and White balance are also important. Try diffusing the light with white tissue paper or bouncing the flash to reduce shadows. This may be over kill for you but it works great.

    Here is an example of the process:

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    I thought you might find this short series of articles interesting. It might answer quite a few basic questions you have.
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    Well, I have an off white flat colored plastic panel that I position behind my vise so that I can better visualize my ties. The key to getting a good picture of a fly is to get plenty of indirect light (not flash) and use a tripod. Also, use the timer so that you do not shake the picture.
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