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Thread: sea trout near tampa

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    Default sea trout near tampa

    So I am near tampa on vacation, with no fly rod...However!! i do have a spinning rod thats Ive stached here at my parents house. Ive fished off the bank for 3 mornings now with little jigs and absolutely killed the sea trout! Ive been fishing from sunup (around 7) until 9:15 in the morning and have yet to catch under 30 in those 2 hours. Alot of them are shorts, however Ive been taking home a limit every day of fish between 17-20 inches. I had no idea sea trout were so good to eat! Its been cold down here, but if you get the chance to fish its totaly worth it

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    Pictures for us inland folk would be greatly appreciated! Glad your killing it down there. You will have to put a flyrod in your parents house incase you find yourself in another "situation" again.

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    Seatrout on the grill is hard to beat. You can wear em out on a DOA usually to which is a fun rig to fish just make a lot of noise and hold on.
    If it swims throw a fly at it!

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    Default Tampa/Clearwater

    Get to C/Water once in a while, and wonder just where you fishing? Have been to a state park on the Gulf, and is user friendly for flyfishing, but nothing like you described. Skip W.

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