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Thread: Your First Time Fishing in GSMNP

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    Default Your First Time Fishing in GSMNP

    Since there isn't a much fishing to be had right now, it may be a good time to share some stories.

    What was your first time fishing in the Smokies like? Did you go with anyone? Where did you go? What gear/flies did you try? What did you catch? etc.

    I'll add mine later.

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    After many trips to the Smokies, I finally gave in to the desire to fish the rivers. About four years ago was the first time my son and I fished in the park. After stopping at LRO we went fishing in Metcalf Bottoms. I thought to myself that a couple of novices have no chance of catching any fish. My son was about ten years old at the time, and it was his first experience with a flyrod. After about a half an hour or so, my son decided to fish toward the end of the long, slow run. He laid the fly right at the overhang of the river bank and shouted "I got one!" I thought to myself, yea, right, he's just hung up. To my suprise, he brought to hand a itty bitty 'bow. It didn't matter what the size, as long as he caught one. To make the experience even better, he caught that fish in front of Mom, Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa! We have fished the Park a couple of times since then, but have been skunked on our other trips. We fished a liitle on Thuunderhead prong during extremely low water, And tried to fish this past October but the rivers were flowing a little too fast for our taste. This is what makes for great memories! I can't imagine fishing in the Park without my little buddy along by my side. I hope we have many more trips together before he is grown and gone. Sorry to ramble on so long. flyguys

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    My first time fly fishing in the Smokies was my first time fly fishing. My son and I had a beginning fly fishing lesson (through LRO) with Walter Babb in late March 2007. I finally ventured out on my own in early May and went to Middle Prong just above the Tremont Institute. Caught 4 trout as I recall and all on a Parachute Adams. I think in that first year, I never ventured from that one pattern.

    I can remember thinking (very loudly - you can do that, you know, change the volume of your thoughts) with that first one, "I caught a trout! I caught a trout! I caught a trout!" Been hopelessly hooked ever since.
    Charlie B

    His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.

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    Default first time fishing

    My first time fishing the park and fishing with a flyrod was last fall with a local guide. I missed way more fish than I caught but as the guide kept telling me at least I was fooling the fish. The water was really flowing on that day and it was alot harder casting and trying to keep my balance than it is in my back yard. I look forward to spring and many more visits and memories to make.

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    I stopped by the shop and picked up some boots and waders with Bill's help. Bought some flies and tied on a BHPTN and went up by the bridge at Treemont (this was my very first day fly fishing). Caught a bow. Came back and told Bill how much I liked it and went back to the exact same spot the next day! I've come a long way and still have a long way to go, but at least I can catch one now when I go.

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    The first time I fished the Smokies was on my 10th wedding anniversary. The wife wanted to go to Las Vegas, I talked her into a cabin around Townsend.

    She hiked up MP of LR and MP of LP with me. I was on a quest to add the state of TN to my list of states which contain (native) brookies.

    Funny story though: She doesn't hike or fish, but she does smoke. When we left the trailhead on both streams, she took four cigarettes with her, and she informed me when she's done smoking - I'm done fishing!

    I struck out on MP of LR, although I must have caught 50 rainbows. I started getting nervous on MP of LP, but I did manage one brookie before she ran out of smokes. I also learned that I would never make it as a tournament fisherman because I don't fish well under pressure.

    This year will be our 15th anniversary, doubt I can talk her into it again, she wants to go somewhere "tropical". Maybe the Smokies will have unseasonably warm temps at the end of May.


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    All--I'm not sure I can top Flyman, although methinks some high top waders might be in order, but the first time was so long ago I can't remember. I would attribute it to senility, but I've been this way since puberty (I think it was Ed Zern who said that).
    More seriously, I first fished in the Park with a fly rod in 1948 when I was six years old. I didn't catch a trout on a fly until I was nine (1951) although I had caught several in state waters using bait by that time.
    There hasn't been a season since when I haven't fish numerous times in the Park, and the thrill, the unending joy, and the ongoing education continue as strong and rewarding as ever. Jim Casada

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    god created heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested.....i fished
    I started with nothing, and I have most of it left.

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    let's see...when I was a little boy (preteen) I went on vacation in TN. I remember that I was using my trusty spinning reel and beetlspin and a guy up the river was using a fly rod. I still remember seeing him roll cast (only now I know it's called a roll cast). I caught a tiny smallmouth and a rock bass. I guess I caught more than that, because he went back to his vehicle for his spinning gear!

    But recently, '05 spring break, I had a full week to go get 'em. I fished all day, every day and NO fish. The last day I finally got a normal sized smokie bow at Metcalf in the last minutes of daylight. The next year I hired a guide!

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    I'm really like Jim on this, I can't remember exactly when the first time was. I grew up fishing the park with my grandfather, father, and uncles. My best guess would be that it was in the early 60's and it would have been somewhere in Cataloochee valley? I remember I had a fly rod with an reel spooled with mono instead of a fly line. We always fished wet flies or nymphs and often tipped them with stick bait or any other natural bait we could find. We kept our catch, and sometimes they were numerous. They were fried fresh that day, the freezing of a trout for consumption later was unheard of. Potatoes and onions were always my favorite side dish.
    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
    Salvador Dali

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