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Thread: Your First Time Fishing in GSMNP

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    Default Teenager`

    Spring 1964-Shenandoah.My father had died the prev September and my brother and I bought each other fly outfits for Christmas.Got out of school in May and inJUne we took off for Shenandoah Nat.Park-the Smokies!DEidn't catch anything but had a GREAT TIME!.Firstr time in GSMNP was 1983.Fall of 82 I went to sit for my towboat liscence and the wife and I were trying to figure the expense of 2 weeks in New Orleans.Got off the towboat and she picked me up driving an F100 P.U. w/slide in camper.Next Spring we were at Smokemont!God I LOve That Woman!

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    The first time for me was as a boy years ago. I am 42 now. I didn't catch anything then, but ever since, the clear water, the rocks, the moss, the evergreens, and the mountains have become an almost mystical place for me and the trout still somewhat of a mythical creature. I've caught some wild trout now. I know they exist, but I have not caught enough of them to where everyone is not special in a way I can't really explain. The place and the fish captured me.

    I can say this, that somewhere out in the Smokies I feel a fish is there for me. He is thick about the shoulders, long, and has a bit of hook to his jaw. With the minds eye, I see him waiting there in the mountains along with the tarpon, the bone fish, the bull elk, and the bull canvasback all in their special places where we will cross paths someday if I'm lucky. Thinking of them while I'm wading behind my desk is one of the things that keeps me sane, and I'm glad they are all with me.

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    First time ever in the Smokies for me was a camping trip my grandfather took me on to Smokemont back in 1976. I was a junior in HS at the time. Fished Bradley Fork, and also the Oconaluftee. I walked up the dirt road at the end of the campground to get to Bradley. Never adventured too far. Would go up the first hill, then down into that curve, and get in the river around that spot. And then would fish it up to where the dirt road came in real close to the river again. My best memory of the trip was fishing in the pool where Bradley Fork empties into the Luftee. There were always fish rising there. And it was fun to hook a fish while cars rode by right above me while fighting a rainbow.

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    Default Your First Time fishing in GSMNP

    Approximately 25 years ago I ventured into the river between the entrance to Elkmont and the campground. I carried an ultralight rig and a few single hook Rooster tails of varied colors. Early in the morning I caught sight of a fish swimming upstream toward a small water fall. I quickly cast that Rooster tail into the water fall and nervously watched the trout head for the lure. After landing a nice sized 'bow [probably >10 inches] I said aloud to myself [no one else was in earshot] "I am going to learn to fly-fish to do this right."

    Later that year I took lessons, bought a fly rod, and returned to the GSMNP to take up this wonderful activity. Took a few trips and some wonderful guides and helpful strangers along the way but I learned to 'catch' as well as cast. I have returned many times, but never enough, to this special place. Getting older now and wade more carefully but my beautiful grand-daughters are being introduced to this special place as each gets old enough to walk along with me.

    Can't wait till spring! By the way I haven't used the ultralight since.


    "Honor the questions, the answers will change, the questions remain."
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    My first time in the Smokies was about 12 years ago. A member of our TU chapter recommended the Middle Prong (Tremont) and fish with anything yellow. I did the first and not the second, but did manage to have what what was later described as an outstanding day. I fished with an Elk Hair Caddis, Size 14 all day. I managed 5 'bows, 4 browns, and two brookies. I wish I lived closer to the park so I could fish it more. I'm retired now and hopefully gas prices will permit at least a monthly trip.

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    My first time ever fly fishing was in the Smokies on Little River last August I didn't catch anything that day but I have been hooked every since I have got to the point where I can go and at least hook a few fish when the fishing is good. I love being in those mountains backpacking in the backcountry is my favorite thing to do.

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    Having been stationed at Bragg for a couple of years, My wife and I loved the GSMNP. In the spring of 2007, my doctor put on a fly fishing class at a small park here in Ohio and asked me to come. I had an old fiberglass Kasner rod that I used as a kid to fish for bluegill and bass in farm ponds. I was amazed at the cool new fly rods and gear, and soon bought a wind river 9' 5wt from cabellas. On our next trip to Gatlinburg, I stopped at the Smoky Mountain Angler (I didn't know about LRO) and they fixed me up with an elk hair caddis and a copper john dropper. After a couple of unsuccessful outtings(it was a low water year, the hatches were sparse, the sun was in my eye, etc., etc.) I was fishing just above the bridge at ramsey trailhead when I thought that my dropper got stuck under a rock again, I pulled it up and found a small wiggling rainbow had eaten my copper john. I thought "oh ,that's how you do it" and a short time later caught one more. Since then I've made several more trips down and have become hopelessly
    addicted to fly fishing in the park.

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    Default 1st Time

    It is easy for me to remember the 1st time I fished in the park...I was a couple of years out of college and decided to head to the park for the 1st time in about 4 years. Like many, I had watched that Brad Pitt/Tom Skeritt movie and figured "what the heck, I'll give it a try. Looks easy enough!" So before I hit the road, I picked up a starter rod/reel combo from Galyans in Indy, got some flies and a vest, and figured I was good to go.

    I stepped out into the water at Metcalf Bottoms, and immediately got tangled, caught in trees, and must have looked like a complete idiot. After about an hour of this, I decided that I'd had enough and went back to the hotel. Put the fly rod away and didn't even look at it again until I moved to ATL in 06.

    Little did I realize at the time that I was using a 6 wt rod, and had flies that would have been best suited for bass or some other fish, not trout. I decided to get back into trout fishing after moving south and finding out that GA had trout streams/rivers, albeit with an ultra light spinning combo. Came back to the park and caught my first trout ever on a spinner, and have been hooked ever since. The diference now is that I have done my research and have the correct fly fishing equipment for an outing to NGA or the park, and haven't touched my spinning gear for over 2 years now.

    Looking forward to heading back to the park in March...


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    Default Walter Babb

    I had the pleaseure of fishing with Walter Babb, what a treat!! I learned so much from him about fishing in the park, what to look for, where to go, how to correctly fish the flies, etc., and heard such great tales about the area. The fishing was great too. Even though I caught some really nice fish, it was his teachings that have made me a better angler, not only in the GSNP, but all over. Thanks Walter!

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    My first time was February 1st last year on the little river between Townsend and the Wye. I didn't catch anything of course. After that I spent some days fishing the little river in Townsend, up in the park, up tremont, and several other spots (felt like I had fished everywhere in the smokies and there was no trout) before finally catching my first smokies trout in April on a backpacking trip over to Hazel Creek. It was a 6" brown trout right above the sugar fork campsite. Followed that up quickly with another one. I was hooked after that for sure and didn't feel as bad about striking out all those times in order to get my first on Hazel Creek..

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