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    Hello fellow long rod addicts. My name is Sean I moved to Knoxville in October from St Augustine, Florida. I have been fly fishing for anything that swims in the salt of Florida for 15 years. Reds are my normal poison but I have tackled everything from Tarpon to Permit and Cobia to Sailfish. I spent a lot of time fishing the redfish tours over the last ten years but despite my insatiable appetite for competition I realized they aren't in the true spirit of fishing as I see it.

    Fly fishing is my passion but fishing is my addiction.I have been working too much to fish since I got here and have two young girls at home, but I very much look forward to the humbling experience and challenge of learning a new species in the mountains.

    Mr Casada, I see that you frequent this board and just wanted to say thank you for curbing some of my withdrawals. My wife got me your book for Christmas and it was a very good read. I enjoy the history of anything as much or more than the present so your book was right up my alley.

    Well just wanted to drop in and say Hi. I am sure I will be asking a few questions around here, knowledge is power, but I will more often be a forum stalker for awhile just absorbing the great knowledge I see on here. Also I would like to say that I am sure you have your moments on here but this forum seems to be the most peaceful one I have ever been on. In my eyes that reflects the spirit and soul of the fly fishing angler.

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    Welcome to the board! There is a ton of knowledge on here, and I will be looking to get your insight when I drag my flats boat down to your old fishing grounds in Fla next summer!
    If it swims throw a fly at it!

    Barry Murphy
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    "Healing Those Who Serve"

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