I would be lost without these dries:
1. a Mr. Rapidan- 12-14 a March Brown/ Quill Gordon imitator
2. Parachute Adams14-16
3. Elk hair caddis-#14

I usually prefer my "yellow flies" toward Mid May into summer.

I really would recommend that you carry these nymphs. The water levels were higher and cooler than normal this last spring. I normally just do dries but these two nymphs really saved the day for me in late April and Mid May right before troutfest. The water was higher and colder than it had been for several years. More toward normal than we've experienced. Luckly, I carried these as I had tied them up for heading west later that summer and they saved the day for me.

4. Heavily weighed golden stonefly nymph 10-12
5. Some smaller tungsten bead head nymphs. Hare's ear's etc. not really specific.

I'd wait to the last minute to purchase flies watching the stream conditions, etc.

Randall Sale
the Kytroutbum