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Thread: Vest or Chest Pack

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    Chest pack. I like to have a streamer box, dropper box and midge and dry boxes with me. Also, extra tippet and leaders. A first aid kit. An emergency blanket and lighter. Extra food and a rain jacket. I just don't take chances when it comes to being out in the elements. Not to mention that I love my snacks.

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    Default I use a....

    ...waist pack during the summer due to it's ease of use when getting in and out of the car and the stream, being so compact. I also use a Fishpond Goretex which is kind of a cross between a vest and a check pack. It has some mesh, so it's is a bit cooler temp wise than a standard vest and it will haul more than i could use in a lifetime.

    I did have one problem and complaint about thje Fishpond as others also mentioned about having with their packs. The abundance of zipper pulls seemed like they were almost magnectic, pulling the tippet on my line into the small gap the oulls were tied through. I modified this by using some "Loon Knot Sense" and put a dab of it over the gap in the zipper then activated it with a UV light. It seems to have eliminated the problem with snags on my chest pack.

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    When I started seriously pursuing fly fishing, I wanted to look serious. So I got a vest. It looks cool (and dare I say stereotypical). I found that I got it wet cuz it hung too low. It was hot and I didn't have enough gear to warrant using it. It does have sticking fish in the pockets!
    I have a chest pack that I use troutin' down in TN and warmwater fishing for bluegill and bass back home. I've also found the pack can be awkward fitting and still too hot when it gets warmer. However it has become my main "tacklebox" now adays.
    A fanny pack is great. Just enough room, out of the way, and not hot or incumbering (is that a word?). I modified a fanny pack to hang either chest high or waist high. It's kinda neat, but defineatly "rigged"!

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    This is the chest pack I was alluding to earlier...

    Great pack - no zippers! This is a huge benefit. Magnets baby Magnets...

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    When I first fished I used an old wicker creel of my grandfather's...did not take long to discover why he gave it up...then went to a standard fly vest with so many pockets that I quickly forgot where everything was...**** thing got so heavy that my neck hurt for days after a long day on the water....for the past 10 years I have gone to a fanny pack from Orvis that holds almost all I need for a day trip.... since I do a lot of walking into the back country this saves my shoulders and is a whole lot cooler...if I am just fishing for the fun of it I have a lanyard at the ready with tippet, small fly box, nippers and forceps....lightest of all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
    This is the chest pack I was alluding to earlier...

    Great pack - no zippers! This is a huge benefit. Magnets baby Magnets...

    2nd on the magnets!!

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    Up here in PA I like a vest because I can never have enough fly boxes. there are a few small streams I fish locally where I know for sure what will work and what to expect so there I'll wear a chest pack- The pack is a Patagonia that I got cheap during one of their internet sales and it works ok. My complaint with chest packs is that I'm vertically challenged (5' 5.5") and a pack does not leave alot of gut space to ram the rod butt into if I need to.

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    Default waist pack for big items, pockets for flies, etc.

    I wear a waist pack for raingear, lunch, water filter, etc. I carry my flies, tippet, nippers, floatant, etc. in shirt pockets.

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    I keep all of my fishing stuff in a simple Orvis clearwater vest and if I'm fishing close to the car I just throw that on, but if I'm heading out for a day in the park, I keep all my non fishing stuff (rain gear, knife, maps, compass, lighter, first aid kit, munchies and water) in a small back pack that i wear over the vest. Kinda feels like patrolling, and I don't care if it's hot cause after hour or so of humping mountain trails, I'm soaked with sweat anyhow. Guess I'd rather have it and not need it.

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    I think all fly fisherman start out with the traditional fly vest.

    I like to fish PA spring creeks, a good number of years
    ago I was fishing the Yellow Breeches in August.

    It was a very hot day in the low 90's, but near the
    stream and 55 degree spring water is was cool.

    Once away from the canopy it go hot wearing a

    Yellow Breeches Orvis Shop I purchased a chest pack.
    I liked it from the first time I wore it.

    Couple of years later I purchased this Richardson Chest Box.

    Bottom drawer is large enoough to just carry the minimal

    I have the Joe Humphrieys model and wouldn't ever
    go back to trout fishing with just a vest.

    Mr. Humphreys' does at times wear a vest with his

    Carry midges, nymphs on one tray

    Dry flies on another

    What I like most is that I travel from freestone stream
    to a spring creek and able to just swap out cards.

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