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Thread: humphrey's dvd

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    I got to meet Mr. Humphreys at Troutfest last year and was very impressed.

    I had read in the Fishing Report that he had gone fishing with Walter Babb somewhere in the park. I asked how he had faired. He looked up at me from under his hat with a big smile and said "You know, we went up to a little mountain stream and caught a few....nothing under 20."

    Can't speak for his videos but his books are fantastic.

    jasonkelkins at yahoo dot com

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    That must be why we catch more fish towards the end of those week long/no bathing man trips!

    I absolutely believe trout can smell, plus Joe is the man!

    Last year at Troutfest I rented the cabin across from Miss Lily's at the swinging bridge in Townsend. I was waiting for the wife to show up and walked out on the bridge, 30 minutes before the banquet and found Mr. Humphries fly fishing. He was fly fishing just 30 minutes before he had to be a special guest at the Troutfest Banquet! Thats just cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
    but I wonder a bit about the scent thing. I was under the impression most fish had little if any sense of smell,

    Jim Casada

    Steelhead either in the Pacific Ocean or the Great Lakes return to their native river by the sense of smell that has been imprinted because they spent their first two years in that stream.

    The state of New York will take eggs and deposit them via helo into the lake. That way when they are ready to spawn they will pick any stream to go up and spawn in because they have no imprint of any stream, just the lake.

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    Lauxier and others--I've found this really interesting on two scores. Like an idiot I had never made the obvious connection between the salmon's uncanny sense of smell and something similar in trout. Should have been obvious since they are both salmonids.

    As for Joe Humphrey, he is one of the sport's grand gentlemen. I've had the joy of crossing paths with Joe a number of times over the years, and what an ambassador for fly fishing is is and has long been. While both Joe and Lefty had made an appreciable mark as writers, that really isn't the greatest strength of either man. They are teachers. Joe was a most worthy successor to George Harvey in Pennsylvania while anyone who has spent much time listening to Lefty realizes that, in between the endless fund of jokes, he was born to be a teacher.
    I've written on Lefty and interviewed him in detail. It's an interesting experience in that you have to settle back and listen to a born raconteur and pick out the plentiful nuggets of wisdom among the endless flow of humor.
    Jim Casada

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