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Thread: Stocking

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    There are still some fairly large rainbows up Greenbrier...just when you think everything has downsized it will fool you...a while back my buddy hollered at me with a fat 12" bow on the line only to have me top him a short while later with a nice 13" bow....these were fall fish both taken on dries....cannot get any better than this

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    Nice!!! That is the beauty of fishing the wild fish, you just never know. I have never caught a "bigun" like that in the park but it's coming!!
    <(((>< In tribute to Ben, Duck Hunter extraordinaire, and man's best friend.

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    I found a few links last night that might help you. I was looking for the same info. The first is a stocking location areas map. The map has number on it. Pick the one for the area you are wanting. It will open a PDF file and show the locations on each stream where the stock. I will tell you that 27 on this map is for Little River, 28 is the Middle Prong Pigeon River above highway 321 right at Greenbrier, and 12 is Cosby Creek starting where it goes into the park.

    This one is a location and date chart of the streams being stocked. It also is a PDF file.

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