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Thread: TFO Casting for Recovery 8wt in the salt?

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    Default TFO Casting for Recovery 8wt in the salt?

    I'm probably going to make 3 trips to FL in the next 4 months, all of which have the potential for fishing. In March and April I'll be in Pensacola (at least one trip with my boat) hopefully chasing redfish and sea trout. In May we'll be in the keys, and I plan to do some 'yak fishing trying to figure out bonefish (I'm going to hire a guide first, though).

    My wife surprised me tonight by asking me if I'm planning on bringing a rod for her. While I have a couple of 8wts, I don't know that she'd be happy casting either of them for very long. She's looked at the CFR rods in LRO before and mentioned one of those. What I don't know is if they're built with salt-grade components, and whether or not they might work as a general-purpose salt (and possibly freshwater bass) rod for my wife.

    Anyone try one for this?

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    Yes, the CFR 8wt is designed for salt & fresh - no worries.
    Kent Edmonds

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    Thanks Kent. Made it to LRO today and picked up the TFO CFR 8 wt. Wife is extremely pleased.

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