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    Default Green Weenie

    I want to tie some green weenies, what would be the best size to tie and color too.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Flybum,
    Try some in size #12-14 on 94831 2X long hooks that are weighted or 9672 2X long streamer hooks that are weighted. The green yarn gives the typical Green Weenie and the Pink yarn gives the Barbie Bug. There is another tannish colored inch worm in the Park and the yarn used for the San Juan Worm matches it well. Good luck.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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    I don't know how they are going to work, but, since everyone says to use yellow for summer in the park, I tied a couple yellow weenies. I tied plenty green weenies in case the yellow doesn't work.

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    Last summer prior to a camping trip at Elkmont with the girlfriend I decided to do a bit of xperimintin with our friend the green weenie, So I tied up a bunch of em with subtle differences to see if one worked more than another. There were goldbeadheads, black beadheads, and no bead heads, some with a tail, some with no tail and some witha looptail, I fished with all of em, and none of them out performed the other. In fact a 18-19 inch brown came out and just drilled a smaller one with a black beadhead, so in the end a worm is a worm, I guess but I would like to see whata yellar worm would do, guess i gotta go do some more xperamintin!
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    Last summer prior to a camping trip at Elkmont with the girlfriend I decided to do a bit of xperimintin with our friend the green weenie,
    I am so glad this is a fly fishing board and we all know exactly what you're talking about!

    I do believe the GW is supposed to represent an inch work or any of a number of leaf eating caterpillers that fall in the water at certain times of the year.

    I also tie some in a more "earthworm" type color that have been very effective, especially in slower moving waters and highly effective in warm water.

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    Post Red "Greenie Weenie"

    I have been throwing a red chenille greenie weenie on the Clinch and South Holston with great results lately.

    • I tie it on a #12 hook
    • with red chenille
    • about 6-7 wraps of lead
    • round gold bead head
    Thought I would is a super easy fly to tie and use...
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    if you want to tie the ones LRO sells, they are not weighted. use micro-chenille, either a mustad 9672 or TMC 5262 hook, in size 12.

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