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Thread: Any suggestions for this saturday

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    Default Any suggestions for this saturday

    looking for something not blown out, on NC side of the park. anybody got a suggestion ? was thinking about Nolan or Deep creek ?
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    best bet would be to check out the river levels on the maps Byron's fishing report has on the left side under "Stream Conditions" know before you go! Also check 441 closures have been regular, we all got snow chances through thur friday warm 47 and rain Sat so they may bounce by the weekend if that holds out Fri and Sat
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    Unless we get substantial rainfall this week water levels won't be an issue. I don't stray far from the vehicle this time of year. Slipping and falling in could be a serious issue. The larger creeks like the Luftee or Deep creek also get a little bit more sunshine and with their lower elevation might be a bit warmer. A couple degrees can make a difference this time of year.
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