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Thread: Warmwater flies.

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    FYI, LRO does have the Stealth Bomber (thanks, Daniel & Byron).

    It may be a little early to throw much topwater, but get `em before they're gone. In the meanwhile, try the Rubber-Legged Dragon deep and slow.
    Kent Edmonds

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    I love the FireTiger popper. I will be tying up some to fish.

    I am headed to Townsend next Thursday to fish for 5 or so days and then meet some friends down in the Tellico area on Wednesday/Thursday depending upon the fishing. Was planning most trout but do you think the smallies will be moving below Townsend? Also, I saw that the canoe and shuttle service at River Johns opens in May. If I bring my 1 man pontoon is there any shuttle service available beside the Island?

    Would love to hit the smallies right before spawn.


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    I have to tell you that you sir have been one of my biggest influences when it comes to warmwater flies. I tied a couple of poppers late last year like the one below, but thought it was a little dull:

    Still managed to catch some bluegill on it though.

    After seeing your firetiger popper, I wanted to give one a try. So I bought some prismacolor markers and went to work. This was my third try, but I am quite happy with it:

    Those prismacolor "blend" markers are wonderful, really there are no limits with what one can do with them.

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