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Thread: Blue winged olives

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    Sorry I could not get a picture with my camera being down. So, I made a simple illustration of my South Holston BWO. Hope it helps! It is not a durable fly, but an effective one-so, tie extras if you plan on using it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
    I like to use (Blue Wing Olive) colored biots for the body wrap. You can get them at LRO . *Sorry BlueRaiderFan; I posted without reading your reply fully...

    This is pattern I have been using and it has been good to me. Plus, it is easy to tie up.

    Is the tail supposed to be that long?

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    Can I ask which is the best hook size for fishing in and around the park? Was fixing to buy a few, but wanting to know what size I should get. Thanks.

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    Best emerger I've used for large educated trout is a CDC BWO emerger. My version is very simple, using an oiler puff for the trailing shuck, BWO superfine dubbing, and then 2-3 oiler puffs for the "wing" on top... A Zelon or CDC spinner works great when spinners are on the water. For the dun, I normally fish a comparadun or sparkle dun but also like parachute patterns...
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