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Thread: smallmouth fishing in the smokies

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    Default smallmouth fishing in the smokies

    I have some friends and myself who have been wanting to get into some good small river small mouth fishing in the the area. Do any of you have any suggestions of places to go? We will be in kayaks so no big rivers or lakes something more like the river behind the orvis shop in severville. Thanks
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    You can catch smallmouth inside the park on the LR at certain times but the better fishing and if your using kayaks will be in the lower sections outside of the park. A good float is from Perry Mill dam in Walland to River John's. John will do a shuttle for a small fee.

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    Another good option would be to kayak up the Abrams Creek cove at Chilhowee Lake. You could park right at the bridge and have at it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troutman View Post
    A good float is from Perry Mill dam in Walland to River John's. John will do a shuttle for a small fee.
    River John's is awesome! River upstream from there is very pretty. Can you get into some redeye on that stretch?

    Nice thing about fishing outside of the park is that you can get a little more creative with your tackle.

    BTW, if you decide to camp at River John's, which is also awesome, beware of the common water snakes (natrix)! They are everywhere and very curious about tents!
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    Default smallmouth fishing in the smokies

    Hey flyred 06: I know one place you can try to catch some smallies. If you do I will buy you dinner. When you head out of Gatlinburg toward Sugarlands: stop at the last bridge on the right. There is a large pool below this bridge which hold numerous smallmouth. You can see them by looking over the bridge. My last attempt at trying to catch one of these bronzers was in Nov.I have made numerous attempts with no luck. Please catch one !
    The rock wall below , holds several nice rainbows. Good luck

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    I ditto what troutman says although I've caught some fish in the park up to 3lbs your best bet is outside the park and by the way that big fish came from the pool mentioned earlier I am not a great fisherman just caught him in a great mood to force feed him.
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