If spinning deer hair is disasterous for you,try the clump method I use.Someone probably invented this before,but if not,I'll take credit.Tip-use strong thread.When ready to start w/hair,use clump a little bigger [50%] than usual.Holding clump above shank,take 1 turn around just the hair.Thread forms loop.Keeping slight tension,force clump over hook eye pushing eye thru hair so eye goes thru hair and loop.Where thread crosses itself stays on top of shank.Pull hair and thread back to position and tighten.Hair will fan beautifully.Take 2 halfhitches and compress.As you continue,rotate hook 1/4 turn each time for even distribution.By taking halfhitches every time you make if stronger and can tie in legs[or maribou,as I do]anytime.Also,some hair is klighter colored on the base ends,and you can keep that on the bottom and darker on top for a more natural bug/frog.P.S.I strongly suggest maribou for legs.w/popper dead in the water it has a life of its own.