Guys and gals,
I'm getting serious about buying a canoe and wanted some pointers.

Some of you may remember my grandmother passed away on Jan 1. I'm getting about 1,000 from what was left of her estate after all the bills were paid. I think she would have liked it if I got something to use fishing. Two things she used to look forward to were when I brought a guitar over to her place and played a few old gospel songs and listening to fishing adventures.

So, I want a canoe. A SOT Kyak isn't really going to work for me because I do want to be taking my son, Daniel, with me so I need something that will hold 2 people.

Many times I'll be going solo.

I was looking at an Old Town Guide 147 which size wise looked good but I'm a little concerned about tossing 75 pounds over my head on top of the van.

I have no interest of ever putting in where there's white water. Mostly fishing small to medium sized lakes and a few lazy streams. I'm not terribly concerned about speed. When fishing, I don't have anyplace I have to be at a certain time and want mainly to relax.

So, do you all have any suggestions?