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Thread: Canoe Questions

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    My only experience is with what I currently have, a 15' Grumman Eagle square back canoe. I really like it. I have it on a trailer that makes loading/unloading a piece of cake. I run a small 3.5 hp outboard for motoring and a 40 lb. thrust trolling motor while fishing. I've got the spring creek ethafoam stabilizer floats on order to help keep her upright These are well made/lightweight canoes but are a bit pricey.
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    I really like my Ultimate 12. Its fairly light, stable, and the seat is ultra comfortable. I just throw it in the back of my truck, cinch it down with a couple of straps and I'm good to go. Your suppose to be able to stand up and fish out of them but I'm not going to try that on moving water. ie. Caney Fork. If I was looking at a new craft, my short list would include the Ultimate 12 and 14.5, the NuCanoe and the Freedom Hawk 12. I've heard the NuCanoe is very stable but I think it weighs a bit more. The Freedom Hawk 12 looks really good and it has a lever that extends some outriggers to provide stability so you can stand up to fish.

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    My wife and I got a 16 ft Coleman for Christmas several years ago. In looking at the price of the Coleman vs. others, I don't think it can be beat. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to use it this year. Remember, if you put any kind of motor on it, it will need to be registered. I'm cheap so I paddle.

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    Keep a daily eye on your local craigslistings for canoes. Not sure about Cinci. but they show up all the time in the Knoxville one. I got my canoe for about a 1/4 price of a new one and the guy threw in a trolling motor and a motor bracket.

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    Thanks for all the input.

    I was going to start a new thread but thought I'd wait until I had some photos and some first hand review to post.

    After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to go with a pontoon.

    Most of the time I will be solo and those times when I can pull Daniel away from soccer, girls, tennis, girls, oh and did I mention girls, I can fish from the shore and let him paddle around in the boat.

    Here is the one I decided to get based on a raving good recommendation by one of my fishing buddies who owns the prior version of the same boat.


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