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Thread: Simms $129.00 Guide Boot?

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    Ok. thanks for the explanation.

    I find it hard to believe that you can stop something like that by changing one little thing. I mean, there are going to be people that go from one to the other in tennis shoes, bare feet, float tubes, dirty socks....etc. I just have my doubts that will stop it. If the rubber isn't as good as felt, it may stop my wading trout fishing....bad knees and back won't let me take falls on every trip.

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    I'm using a pair of the Simms boots with the rubber soles now. I've not had any problems wading in Tellico. The edges do not hold like felt but as long as you can keep a lot of the sole on the rocks they work fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrouseMan77 View Post
    I was told that it would be hard for the "rock snot" to take hold in most of the park streams due to limited amounts of sunlight.
    That's good news!

    Also, the NPS flyer that they have at LRO says that you don't have to clean your gear if it has plenty of time to dry. If you fish the Clinch on Saturday and head up to the mountains on Sunday or Monday, you need to clean your gear. Don't go by that alone, but you don't HAVE to clean your gear every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Owl View Post
    Korkers? Them's yankee boots right?
    Korkers Products 1239 SE 12th Ave
    Portland, OR 97214

    Is Oregon considered a Yankee state?

    Seriously, if you're looking for new boots, you should at least look at Korkers. I've fished over 75 days and hiked at least 150 miles in them, as well and they look almost as good as the day I bought them...
    They're very versatile and lightweight.

    Of course, I've always wanted a pair of Chota's, as well...

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