Decisions, decisions. Checked the generation schedule for Norris and saw that the Clinch was fishable today but figured about 100 others would notice it too so I decided to head on up to the park for awhile this afternoon. Besides, I needed fly tying material so that gave me a good reason to stop by LRO on my way up there. Since I just washed the car yesterday I really didn't want to get into the gravel section of the road along the middle prong so I stopped about a half mile below the institute driveway and donned waders. Water temp was 43 degrees F and clear as gin. Sun peaked through clouds every now and then but the air temp was comfortable in shirt sleeves. Blue Wing Olives and Quill Gordons were sparce but the trout were hungry. I managed 7 or 8 Rainbows in about five hours of fishing, the last one was about 11 inches, good in my book. I missed more than I caught, especially on the dries. I fished a #16 Blue Wing Olive first but hit a section of water in good sunlight that had Quill Gordons flying so switched to a #12 and had several vicious strikes on it. Moved on upstream into shade and switched to a BH pheasant tail dropper off the Quill Gordon and picked up a few more. All in all a good day for me on that section of river. Did not see another soul fishing. Traffic on the road was light too. Ah, my kind of fishing!