I saw the news this morning and decided I'd better cut out of work early and get some fishing in. I called a buddy of mine, we'll call him Paul, on the way to Townsend to see if he wanted to join me. He was actually in his truck on his way to Townsend to fish, so we met up at LRO's.

Paul hurt his back recently, so I didn't want to drag him to where I really wanted to fish. We headed to Little River roadside above Metcalf Bottoms. I rigged up with a caddis fly and dropped a BHPH off it.

Within the first 10 minutes, I'd caught a nice healthy rainbow on the dropper.

We fished our way on up river and I told Paul there would be a brown behind a certain rock. I slipped on up, and sure enough, there was. It was far less photogenic than the rainbow.

Soon afterwards, Paul started noticing boot prints on the rocks on his side. We headed down to Tremont to finish the day.

We got up above Tremont and found a place where I'd caught fish earlier this winter. I told Paul I was going to fish the caddis fly until I caught something on it. Sure enough, I finally had a taker. He rose and took the fly. I had actually stuck him, and he came off. Next cast, I caught one.

This fish had the most vibrant colors of any trout I've caught. The very next cast into the same pool, I caught another rainbow, same size as the others. I reeled in and walked back down the road to Paul. Any more fishing, and I'd feel like I was getting greedy.