Just throwing this out there.

So as I was fishing in Townsend today and not catching much, I had an idea. What if Townsend were to do a heavy stocking of trout like tellico, Gatlinburg, and Cherokee do, Charge a couple dollar daily fee or a extra annual permit. Just thinking it might make the fishing in Townsend better and increase revenue for the city businesses including LRO. If they did the stocking below the old mill I believe that it would keep the stockers out of the park. My only concern would be with the high number of tubers in the summer, but if they're as dumb as the Cherokee fish, it won't matter. I've fished Cherokee and made horrible casts that would send any fish in the park running, and they just sit there or even go after the fly. I do not know if this would ever happen but I just wanted to get some feedback on this idea.