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Thread: does fly color matter?

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    one more question!

    I'm tying up some little mayfly type flies right now. I'm using a size 18 and 14 hook. should I be going for darker colors? For example I'm using olive thread with darker feathers like blues and browns. Or should I keep my flies lighter, to look more like a EHCaddis? I've noticed the EHC's I have are lighter than the other flies like QGs.

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    jross, if you are going next week darker will probably be best. Here is a link to Hugh's excellent site and his Smoky Mountain hatch chart which should help you now and for trips later in the year. A good bet now for a dry fly would be a parachute adams in various sizes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eastprong View Post
    Care to post the shaft lengths of the hooks you mention?

    I started another discussion on this topic. Link below:
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